ZTS SOLAR all-in-one street light
12V10W silver hand-held kit
  • Beautiful appearance with built-in Radio & MP3 player.
  • Perfect for home lighting, DC fan, mobile charging and others.
  • Easy to take and use for a long life span with a lithium battery.


Model No.: ZTS-PD0803

1.Solar Panel:  18V/10W with 8M Cable.

2.Battery:        12V/7.2AH Lithium.
3.LED Bulb:     3W*2pcs & 5W*2pcs with 5M Cable.
4.USB Output: 5V/1A*2.
5.Mainboard Packing Size: 350x250x120MM
6.Function:      USB, MP3,FM,SD Card Player
7.Color:           Silver
8.Capable for DC Current Fan and Battery

9.Suitable Equipments: with USB 5V and DC 12V

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