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Enormous Solar Energy Potential In Nigeria
2018/8/6 18:30:46
Electricity supply shortage has been with many people in Nigeria and most parts of Africa as long as they can remember. It was the way business was in the past and still going by statistics. At present, Nigeria has a generation capacity below 4,000 megawatts {MW}. The country has one of the low net electricity consumption rates in the world {156 kw per capital in 2015} and only half the population has access to the grid; a factor contributing to the high poverty rate.

Nigeria has enormous solar energy potential, with fairly evenly distributed solar radiation averaging 19.8MJ/M2/day-1 and average of six hours of sunshine a day. The assumed potential for concentrated solar power and photovoltaic generation is around 427, 000 MW. Nigeria is heading to become a sustainable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly economy.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has set a time target of the year 2020 to expand its reliance on renewable energy to 50% of its power output and bio-energy, solar and wind power are three of the options being actively considered.

So it's a great chance for us and other peers. We provide reliable solar solutions to them with cost-effective products (i.e. all in one solar street light, portable solar home system and portable solar charger).

Our solar home kit gives a cheap and reliable solution to the rural villagers that have no access to the grid.

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